Antique Chain Design Metal Ice Scooper


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  • • Size: 21L X 6W X 3H (cm)
    Weight: 170grams.

  • • Antique chain design metal ice scooper is one classy addition to your kitchen decor.
    • Stainless steel ice scoop are very popular barware, but this antique ice scoop will change your view of that old regular not so fancy ice scoop.
    • It is one essential piece for a well maintained bar.
    • The large pan scoop helps to remove adequate amount of ice from the ice bucket without any mess.
    • Now there is no more need of touching the ice, you can serve your guest in a hygienic and stylish way.
    • The chained design of the handle gives a distinguished look to this ice scooper.
    • You can also use this ice scoop in your kitchen and pantry for making juice, mocktails and cocktails.
    • This antique chain design ice scoop will be complimented by your entire guests and will add a designer touch to your party arrangements.
    • Washing Instruction: Hand washable.


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