Stylish Beaded Pizza Cutter


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  • Stylish beaded pizza cutter is an amazing design that all pizza lovers must have. It has pretty ceramic beads on the handles that enhance the look of this pizza cutter. The beads are hand-painted with attractive colors like yellow, red, blue etc. Change your pizza slicing style by making it more comfortable and stylish. Divide up pizza, sandwiches, pastries and loafs with this easy and handy cutter. Simply roll the stainless steel blade over the food to cut through. The design of the handle is comfortable to hold and gives more grip and control while cutting. Cut your pizzas effortlessly without using a knife with this stylish pizza cutter. Wait no more to slice your food fancily!!

  • • Size: 21L (cm)
    Weight: 210grms

  • • Stylish beaded pizza cutter is one pretty utensil your kitchen must have.
    • Handcrafted ceramic beads painted using attractive colors makes the cutter look stylish.
    • Easy to handle, effortless slicing and stylish equipment. Hand Washable.
    • Stop using sharp knives and use pizza cutters for effortless cutting.


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