Onyx Marble is one exquisite type of marble stone found in Egypt, Arabia and India. It has parallel and alternating bands of Chalcedony and Opal. The bands are usually coloured black/white or red/white. Onyx was often used as a gemstone; Onyx is also used as an ornamental building stone and for decorative items such as table tops, lamp bases, and small boxes. Buy Now Onyx Marble Glasses to decor your kitchen. Argentine onyx is a dark-green stone. Sardonyx has layers of sard (red carnelian) alternating with lighter-colour layers of onyx. We at CraftedIndia have wide range of handcrafted products made from Onyx marble. Choose from beautiful Onyx marble vases, Onyx Marble wine glasses, mortar and pestles made from onyx vases. CraftedIndia deals with exclusive and premium quality handicrafts made by skilled Indian artisans. Buy authentic Indian handicrafts only at CraftedIndia.