Antique Handcrafted White Onyx Marble Glass Set


  • Antique handcrafted white Onyx marble glass comes in a beautiful set of six. It is nicely handcrafted by the creative artisans from Indian heartland with a fine Onyx marble material with a tint of brown color on it. This is one elegant design for your kitchen décor to make it look more attractive. Adorn your kitchen décor with these glasses and welcome your guests with the serving of their favorite beverages in to make them impress with your royal treatment. You may also think of it as a nice gifting option for your loved ones on certain occasions.

  • Size: 7cm L x 7cm W x 10cm H.
    Weight: 1430g.

  • • Antique Onyx decorative wine glass comes in the set of six.
    • Handicraft design made up from off white colored Onyx marble material.
    • Perfect to adorn your kitchen décor and general usage.
    • Classy and elegant design.

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