Antique Jute Wall Frame


  • Antique Jute Wall Frame looks great when used for decorating walls. It has a beautiful elephant figurine in the centre made of aluminum. Vibrant colors like copper and gold makes the figurine look stylish and classy. Also Jute being one of the best materials, it makes the wall decor look expensive and classy. This antique wall frame is a perfect option for adding grace to the décor at home and office. You can also gift this beautiful art piece to your loved ones.

  • Size: 25cm L x 3cm W x 17cm H.
    Weight: 400 grms.

  • • Antique Jute Wall Frame is a decorative piece of art made from jute, and aluminum.
    • Hand-painted using vibrant colors like gold and copper give an elegant touch to the décor.


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