Antique Metal Jug


  • Antique Metal Jug is a mesmerizing piece of art handcrafted by skilled artisans of India. It is carved with pretty floral designs to give a classy look to it. This jug is one specimen of creative artwork. It has a handle and a spout with beautiful designs which are skillfully crafted. It is made of premium quality German Silver metal. This antique looking jug can be used to add lure to your home decor. It can be placed on the table tops, corner tables, wall shelves and showcases too. This elegant piece of art is a perfect example of handcrafted home decor. Guests visiting your home will appreciate your choice of decor by seeing this Silver Metal Antique Jug.

  • Size: 27cm L x 18cm W x 36cm H.
    Weight: 1660

  • Antique Metal Jug is beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans of India.
    • This jug is made up of premium quality metal material.
    • It has a handle and spout skillfully carved.
    • You can use this jug to adorn the corners, table tops, showcases and wall shelves at home.
    • Material: German Silver.

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