Antique Tribal Dhokra Décor Wall Art Frame


  • Antique tribal dhokra decor wall art frame is one beautiful add on to the wall décor at home. It is a classic piece of art made by skilled artisans of Chhattisgarh. Designs inspired by life of tribal bastar people are hand-painted on this wall frame. Use of subtle colors like purple, green and yellow with a hint of brass dhokra metal figurines looks very classy and sophisticated. Dhokra art figurines are placed in the center of this frame giving an exclusive décor look. Give the walls of living room, or bed room a decorative look by adding this dhokra art wall frame. You can also use this tribal dhokra art wall frame to give an elegant look to the office décor. Lightly dust with dry cloth for cleaning.
    Disclaimer: The products color or design may slightly differ from picture as they are handcrafted.

  • • Size: 31L X 3W X 59H (cm);
    Weight: 1920grams.

  • • Antique tribal dhokra décor wall art frame will give a distinguished look to the home decor.
    • When added to the walls this wall frame will enhance the overall look of decor.
    • It is a traditional art frame hand-painted using subtle colors like yellow, purple and green embellished with brass metal figurines looks classy.
    • It is a premium quality handcrafted dhokra art wall frame that will give the walls a rich décor look.
    • This antique tribal dhokra art wall frame is one great option for decorating walls at home, office, cafes and other interior spaces.
    • Lightly dust with dry cloth for cleaning.


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