Beaded Handle Steel Ice Scoop


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  • Beaded handle steel ice scoop is one quirky addition to your kitchen decor. Stainless steel ice scoop are very popular barware, but this beaded handle ice scoop will change your view of that old regular not so fancy ice scoop. It is one essential piece for a well maintained bar. The large pan scoop helps to remove adequate amount of ice from the ice bucket without any mess. Now there is no more need of touching the ice, you can serve your guest in a hygienic and stylish way. The ceramic beads are hand-painted beautifully using shades of white and blue. You can also use this ice scoop in your kitchen and pantry for making juice, mocktails and cocktails. This beaded ice scoop will be complimented by your entire guests and will add a designer touch to your party arrangements.

  • • Size: 25L (cm)
    Weight: 170grms

  • • Beaded handle steel ice scoop is one pretty looking design to add to your kitchen decor.
    • The ceramic beads on the handle are handcrafted and painted by skilled artists.
    • Combination of white and blue makes it look attractive and stylish.
    • Made from premium quality stainless steel and ceramic beads. Hand washable.
    • Ideal barware accessory and kitchen accessory.


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