Bird Glass Candle Holder


  • Bird Glass Candle holder is a beautiful candle holder made from wood and iron with a glass holder. Its stylish design and beautiful carving of the bird makes it look classy. When lit this candle holder will enhance the look of your ambience and spreading light around the room. You can place it on the bed tables or wall shelves or dining table giving it an exclusive and subtle look. This piece of art is handcrafted for making your decor look modish and effective. This candle holder will surely be appreciated by everyone visiting your home.

  • Size: 17cm L x 20cm W x 15cm H.
    Weight: 300 grms.

  • • Bird Glass Candle holder is a beautiful artwork made from metal and wood.
    • Its delicate design and unique style of a candle holder adds style and elegance to any home decor.
    • You can place it on wall shelves or corner tables or dining table it adds charm where ever placed.

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