Blue Meenakari Elephant Showpiece Set


  • Size: 13L x 4W x 9H (cm).

    Weight: 520grams.

  • • Blue Meenakari elephant showpiece set is made of iron and hand-painted in rich blue colour.
    • Delicate designs are painted by skilled artisans and the look is inspired by the royal elephants during the Mughal Era.
    • Red, green, golden and white colour is used for painting such amazing designs on the elephant.
    • You can add it to your table tops and corner tables, and also gift it to your loved ones.
    • This handcrafted showpiece comes in set of two.
    • When placed in the showcase or on the wall shelves it will look attractive and grab attention of guest visiting home.
    • You can also gift this gorgeous figurine to your loved ones.

Type: Showpiece

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