Ceramic Handle Spoon and Fork (Set of 2)


  • Ceramic handle spoon and fork set is one great design that can be added to your kitchen. Elegant blue color of the ceramic handle looks vibrant. This set of spoon and fork can be used as your personal favourite one or give it to your kids for making their meals more colorful and delicious. Best quality stainless steel and ceramic material is used for products fineness. Broad handles gives a comfortable grip to hold while eating. You can also add this ceramic handle spoon and fork set to your kitchen showcases as a decor set.

  • Size: 17L (cm).
    Weight: 160 grams

  • • Ceramic handle spoon and fork set is made from best quality ceramic and stainless steel material.
    • It is one designer piece to add in your kitchen.
    • You can use it for eating or display of kitchen showcases.

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