Dhokra Art Brass Metal Ganesha Décor


  • Dhokra Art Brass Metal Ganesha Décor is an artistic piece of art made by skilled Dhokra artisans. Ganesha symbolizes strength, positivity and power. Bring home this beautiful brass metal Ganesha and spread a positive vibe around the atmosphere at home. Dhokra art is an ancient art where hard labor and skills are required. This Ganesha idol is skillfully designed and had smooth finish with a rustic look. Place it on the wall shelves, living room and office tables, also it can be added to the worship room. You can also gift it to your loved ones as a gesture of positivity and happiness.

  • Size: 12cm L x 17cm W x 18cm H.
    Weight: 1480 grms.

  • • Dhokra Art Brass Metal Ganesha Décor is one antique design made by the creative work of Indian artisans.
    • It is skillfully handcrafted.
    • Made up of quality brass metal.
    • Strong and durable product quality.
    • Use it as a showpiece in showcases, wall shelves, wall corners, as a centerpiece, table tops in living rooms, prayer house.

Type: Showpiece

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