Dhokra Art Elephant Showpiece


  • Dhokra Art Elephant Showpiece is one of the best art pieces that can be used to add a designer touch to your home décor. It is made by skilled Dhokra artisans of India. The designs on elephant statue are hand painted delicately and carefully. You can use this exquisite figurine to enhance the look of your home décor, office décor and other interiors. Also it will add lure to the objects on which it will be placed. With this elephant décor you will receive lots of compliments for your taste and choice of décor. You can also gift it to your loved ones.

  • Size:9cm L x 24cm W x 18cm H.
    Weight: 1170 grms.

  • • Dhokra Art Elephant Showpiece is an elegant piece of art handcrafted to perfection.
    • The designs are delicate and neatly hand-painted.
    • It will add lure to the décor, making it look attractive and appealing.
    • Elephant symbolizes strength and power; you can gift this art piece to your loved ones.


Category: BRASS

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