Exquisite Onyx Marble Chess Board Game


  • • Size: 40L x 40W x 7H (cm)
    Weight 7990grams

  • • Exquisite onyx marble chess board game is one premium addition to your home décor collection.
    • It is a handcrafted marble chess board carved from best quality onyx marble.
    • The chess coins are also carved from onyx marble that gives an exclusive look to its design.
    • While most marble chess sets are largely decorative, this marble chess set has traditional pieces that players favor.
    • Yet, the beauty of this unique chess set is a pleasure to view while just sitting awaiting the next game.
    • Marble stone is one of the most beautiful stones in the world with a wide range of white colors with veins of dark brown and white running through it.
    • The solid black marble is used for giving a perfect marble chess board look.
    • 16 Marble chess piece, 8 white and 8 black respectively.


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