Hand-painted Wooden Elephant Figurines Set


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  • Size: Large: 9L x 4W x 8H (cms);
    Big: 8L x 3W x 6H (cms);
    Medium: 7L x 2W x 5H (cms);
    Small: 5L x 2W x 4H (cms);
    Mini: 5L x 2W x 3H (cms);
    Weight: 220grams.

  • • Hand-painted wooden elephant figurines set is carved using single wood.
    • Premium quality wood is used for crafting these elephant showpiece.
    • It comes in set of 5 beautiful designs painted in vibrant shades of red, gold and white.
    • These wooden figurines are like small toys and easily fit in any corner or shelf.
    • Adorn your homes with this set of elephants and add an ethnic charm to decor.
    • Place it on the wall shelf, table tops, showcases and other décor spaces to achieve the look.
    • Lightly dust with a dry cloth for cleaning.

Type: Showpiece

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