Handcrafted Camel Figurine Set


  • Handcrafted camel figurine is amazingly crafted by the skilled local artisans of Indian heartland. It is made up of premium quality wood and metal. Delicate designs are hand-painted by skilled artists. Beautiful colors like orange, green, yellow are used for giving an appealing look to the camel figurines. Rajasthani artwork makes this figurines look ethnic and classy. You can use this set of camels to decorate table tops, side tables, wall shelves and living room. When added to your home decor these camels will look pretty and will add charm to the decor.

  • Size: Small- 14cm L x 5cm W x 18cm H.
    Weight: 310g.
    Medium-16cm L x 6cm W x 22cm H.
    Weight: 410g.
    Large- 20cm L x 8cm W x 28cm H.
    Weight: 670g.

  • • Handcrafted Camel Figurine is one great specimen of handiwork of Indian craftsmen.
    • It comes in the set of 3 of different sizes.
    • It is made up of pure brass material which assures the fine quality of the product.
    • You can use this pretty object in your home décor by placing it on table top, wall shelves, showcases etc.


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