Metal Tribal Face Mural Showpiece Set



  • Metal tribal face mural showpiece comes in the set of two. This is one design which your home décor needs right now! It is made up from pure brass metal material that offers a great quality to the product. It is designed by the creative craftsmen from the rural India. It is one amazing specimen of authentic Dhokra work. The one face is of tribal Man and other one is Woman’s. Give your home décor a boost by keeping this pretty showpiece in your wall shelf, showcase, wall corner, table tops, as centerpiece in living rooms etc. Your guests are surely going love your distinguished choice. You may also gift it your loved ones on certain occasions to make them happy.

  • Sizes: 10.5cm L x 9.5cm W x 24cm H.
    Sizes: 8 cm L x 8cm W x 15.5cm H.
    Weight: 930 grms.
    Weight: 856 grms.

  • • Metal tribal face mural showpiece comes in the set of two.
    • Made from pure brass material that offers superior quality.
    • Amazing handiwork of design on showpiece. Specimen of authentic Dhokra work.
    • Adorn your home décor by placing it in your living rooms, bed rooms, wall shelves, wall corners, showcases.

Category: BRASS

Vendor: CraftedIndia

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