Tri-Trunk Brass Elephant Showpiece


  • Tri trunk brass elephant showpiece is one marvelous looking design especially made by the creative artisans from rural India. It is made up from pure brass metal material that offers a sturdy product quality. The design is an exclusive Dhokra art. The art design carved on it is a premium handcrafted work done to perfection by creative artisans. You can use this pretty showpiece to adorn your home décor by placing it into showcases, table tops, centerpiece, wall shelves, wall corners etc. You can think about gifting this pretty object to your loved ones on happy occasions.

  • Size: 24cm L x 12cm W x 18cm H.
    Weight: 2200 grms.

  • • Tri-trunk elephant is one exotic looking showpiece made with the creative imagination of artisans from rural India.
    • It is made up of pure brass metal material.
    • The art design carved on the showpiece is entirely handcrafted.
    • Use it in your showcases, table tops, wall shelves, wall corners in your room interior.

Category: BRASS

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