Tribal Women Wooden Bookend


  • Tribal women Wooden Bookend is made in a very artistic way. It has elegant and vibrant colors. It’s artwork makes it look like a wall piece. Its design is more of an Indian artwork. It has a beautiful wooden base with classy tribal woman figurines. The colors are so vibrant and the design is so classy that can match with any interior of the house or study room or the drawing room. It fits easily, does not occupy more space and looks like an artwork placed at any corner or any wall of your house. It has a new concept and has replaced the old school book shelf concept. A must buy product and it’s the best selling product.

  • Size: 44cm L x 7.5cm W x 20cm H.
    Weight: 532 grms.

  • • Tribal women Wooden Bookend is a very elegant looking bookend that will enhance your home decor.
    • Beautiful wooden base with tribal figurines, matches with any furniture and home décor.
    • You can also gift it to your bookworm friends

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